Week 1: What is multimedia?

Learning Intention: I will be able to define what multimedia is. I will modify or create multimedia elements. Create simple animation using pivot Edit an image using photoshop Change text in Adobe Illustrator Edit a sound file in Audacity   What is Multimedia? Class exercise and brainstorm. Definition. Multimedia includes a combination of text, audio, still images, animation, […]

Web 2.0 exploration

Learning Intention: To a evaluate range of web 2.0 applications and evaluate there usefulness. Activities: Create a scribble map of your path to school or favourite location in the world, add images. Go to scribblemaps Create an animo to music video clip using your favourite images. Go to Animoto Create a timeline of your football […]

Dreamweaver Website

Learning Intention I will start to design my Dreamweaver website I will create a folder structure for my website Task Create a new folder in you drive. Label it My Dreamweaver Website Create a two folders inside My Dreamweaver Website label one images and the other resources Open up word and save the file as DesignIdeas.doc and […]

Dreamweaver Continued

Learning Intention I will learn how to use the crop tool in photoshop to resize an image I will learn how to create a link in a HTML document Task 1. Download images from 3 movies and resize in photoshop using the crop tool http://www.alibony.com/pse/030408crop-resize.html Save the images as Save for the Web & Devices […]

Creating a movie website

Learning Intention: I will learn how to insert text and images (content) into a Dreamweaver template. I will identify the main features of a movie website and movie trailer. Getting Knowledge Ready: (warm up activity) Why do all popular movies have websites? Lets look at the website for Dark Shadows, what are the main features? […]

Dreamweaver Insert

Insert Images into Dreamweaver Creating the GTR webpage. Follow the same steps for the Change Hair Colour. At the end of the tutorial you should have a table that looks like this. Finished Table When you open the template you will see an empty table. Carefully delete the text in the main cell and choose […]

Introducing Dreamweaver

Learning Intention I will create a basic webpage in Dreamweaver Task To create a basic web page in Dreamweaver by inserting images into a table. (teacher show students webpage) Dreamweaver Insert Images Tutorial Right click onto the yourversion.html file and select open with,  select open with Dreamweaver Delet the text in the top row and […]

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