Year 9 Exam

Learning Intention To complete the exam   Activities Online Application Go to App Lab sign up and create an App. Share link with Mr Croke. Follow the online video or create your own. Add link to this shared document    

Week 9

Learning Intention Beta Test interactive Design. Control and Micro-controller with a computer program. Warm Up Debono Hats   Hey how do we think? How do we work out what to do next? Break Up into design groups. Junior Students you are the testers, rate the teams design Good, Needs Improvement, Re-group: 12:10 – Show and […]


Lesson Intention To learn about Physical Computing and create code for an Arduino To continue working on your showcase Success Criteria To successfully modify Arduino code to create a morse code message To develop at least one of your digital creations to professional standard Introduction Arduino Download Arduino Mac: Mac OS X 10.7 Lion […]

Week 18: App Prototyping

Learning Intention To design a prototype for  an app using an online tool. Introduction This is a great app prototyping tool Here are some demonstration prototypes Mozzilla (Firefox) have their own app tool Activities Use the links above to build a prototype app. You will need to be on Chrome, Internet Explorer […]

Week 7: Flash Interactivity

Learning Intention I will learn how to use an If Statement to control an object Success Criteria To understand how an If Statement works. To an IF Statement in ActionScript To use IF Statements to search for Key Down events and control an object (Angry Bird) Introduction IF Statement video If statement […]

Week 3: Design a smart phone interface

Learning Intention  I will design an interface in Flash for a smart phone Success Criteria  Use Flash to create a screen background Use Flash to draw app icons Convert a graphic into a button Warm Up  Example on smart phone interface: Introduction How to draw an iPhone in Illustrator–vector-3563 Activities Follow tutorial and start […]

Week 15: Adding sound and credits

Learning Intention I will add and credits to my stop frame animation Success Criteria Add sound to a stop frame animation in iMovie Add credits Export movie Introduction Human Skateboard. Activities Add some music Export your movie and draft 1. Reflection Write a reflection on what you did and what you learnt today. […]

Audio Mixing and Sound Visualisation

Lesson Intention: I will create a short remix using loops by identifying beats. I will investigate is Adobe After Effects can be use to visualise an audio spectrum. Introduction: This is an example of audio visualisation: They used Adobe After Effects. Audacity: Teacher Demo of how to find beats and create loops. Task: […]

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