Create an interactive Game

Learning Intention Design and interactive Game Success Criteria Create a character Define an objective Make the character move within the world Warm Up Computing without computers!!! more info Osmo Coding Introduction  Angry Bird. Teacher Demo. angrybirdTrial.fla-181p0xr Activities  Design a character, turn the character into a movie Design a world (a maze) User actionScripting […]

Week 8 – Learn.code

Learning Intention To understand the concept of computer interactivity Success Criteria Identify interactivity in ICT products To build a basic ICT product with interactivity Warm Up Is Facebook Interactive? Introduction What is Interactivity why code   Activities Go to Classic maze More of activities below   Reflection […]

Week 4: Design Process

Learning Intention Respond to a design brief using a design process Success Criteria Understand a design process Read a design brief Design webpages Warm up Why do these websites look so cool? What are design principles? Introduction Web design proposal 9mm design brief Timeline Week Task 1 Design webpages 2 Take images or […]

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