Week 6: Continue with Web Project

International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia


Learning Intention

Respond to a design brief using a design process

Success Criteria

Understand a design process

Read a design brief

Design webpages

Warm up



Why do these websites look so cool?

Design Process


Web design proposal

9mm design brief


Week Task
3 Design webpages
4 Take images or shoot video
6-7 Finnish and submit proposal

Client wants to include

Pathways (whole school , mainly senior students)
Team Leaders’ office
Community Hub space
Senior + Year 9 Wellbeing office.
Mini school office
East wing to act as an exam centre.
Study centre
Bookable conference rooms
Tutoring sessions throughout week etc



Download and read design brief.

9mm design brief

Start to complete design template

9mm design proposal temp

Read and understand design principles

the design process

Storyboard/ design layout for webpages


What did you learn today about the design process?

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