Week 8: Guide Path

Learning Intention

To create an animation using Tweens

Success Criteria

Modify a worked Flash program to create a bouncing ball animation

Use squash and stretch techniques

[Advanced] Rotate ball – Independent research

Assessment tasks

YR9 MM Assessment Term 1 2016

Bouncing Ball Animation

Teacher Demo: workedExample.fla

Student file: Student.fla

Download and unzip student fla


1. Guide Path: | Youtbue: https://youtu.be/Y3OmXhUq8l8 | BouncingBallGuidePath

2. Squash and Stretch: Youtube: https://youtu.be/5RoAp6K6ouA | SquashStretch

Too Hard?

Go to code.org or Photoshop and try face swapping a human head on an animal’s body


What was the success criteria? Did successfully create an animation? What problems did you have? How did you overcome any issues.

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