Week 6 and 7: Animated Character moving through obstacles.

Lesson Intention:

I will learn how to animate a character and move it through a world.

I will learn how to animate backgrounds.

Success Criteria

To create an animated background.

To move a character as in a game.

Warm Up

Pacman gameplay.

Early preview of flappy bird

In what game does the character/s move and the background stays the same?

In what game does the background move but the character/s only goes up and down?

Any ideas how we can animate the background?


Teacher demonstration of how to animate a background.
slowbirdmovingteacher.fla 2

Teacher demonstration of how to import a background.


Download this flash file and animate the background using a motion Tween from right to left.

Develop last weeks animated character add a maze background and use motion Tweens to navigate the character through the maze.
How to use a grid in flash: https://youtu.be/2azjc52tj6w?t=2s
How to create pacman ghost: https://youtu.be/2azjc52tj6w?t=7m6s


Do all of the above then research how to control a character using ActionScript 2.

Save your work and upload for submission.


What did you learn today about moving a animated character and animating backgrounds? Did you find today’s lesson easy? Did you complete the success criteria? What obstacles did you experience today and how did you overcome them?

Homework Tasks.

Search YouTube and find a movie called Human Skatebourd.  Find movies by PES and other Stop Motion Animation movies.

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