Week 05: Audio and “Movies”

Lesson Intention:

I will learn how to embed audio into a flash application.

I will learn how to create a self contained ‘movie’ inside flash.

Success Criteria

Create a key-frame and add audio.

Create a self contained animation in flash.

Warm Up

Why Do we add sound to films and animations?


  •  Embed
  •  movie
  •  foley
  •  Stage
  •  Symbol
  • Convert to Symbol


There are 3 ways to add audio to a flash animation.

  •  Background music or effects creating a separate audio layer.
  •  Create a key frame add a sound at a certain point (Foley sounds).
  •  Through code as used in gaming.

Teacher demonstration of adding audio as a separate track.


Teacher Demonstration of adding audio at a certain point.

In flash we can create self contained animations that are called movies. We can edit movies and control them on the timeline. You already did this last week you used tweens on the bicycle animation.

Teacher quickly demonstrates how to create and flash movie.


Add terms to your glossary and find the meanings.

Download flash movies and add sound effects.

Flash movies : Flash files

Sound Effects : sound effects

To one or more of the flash movies add a suitable backing track.

Royalty free music samples : background music

Create a new flash file and create a very simple movie animation. Use a simple motion tween to move the character and have it hit something. Then add a backing track and a Foley sound effect.


As above but create 2 or move movies each with their own sound effects.
Find your own sounds from this excellent website : http://www.partnersinrhyme.com/pir/free_music_loops.shtml


What did you learn today about using audio in Flash? What is Foley? Did you find it easy to create a movie inside flash? Did you complete the success criteria? What obstacles did you experience today and how did you overcome them?

Homework Tasks.

Find a YouTube video tutorial about how to animate backgrounds in Flash or how to create a game background in Flash.

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