Week 03: Step-Frame Animation

Learning Intention

To develop an understanding of Step Frame Animation

To develop techniques to produce a Step Frame Animation

 Success Criteria

To produce a simple Step-Frame Animation in Adobe Flash

To identify and understand key terms and concepts

Warm Up

Up  to 1990’s most animation and cartoons that you enjoy use Step-Frame Animation. The animation takes place through a series or sequence of frames. In old school animation each frame was called a cell and was painted by hand! In movie animation there are 24 frames per second. A feature animation would involved thousands of hand painted cells.

Name your favourite cartoon, does it use step by step animation?


Steam Boat Willie.

1928: This film is one of first Disney animations to star Mickey Mouse and “one of the first cartoons with synchronized sound. It was the first cartoon to feature a fully post-produced soundtrack which distinguished it from earlier sound cartoons.”


In the first scene what technique is used to make it appear that the boat is moving?

This is a video of a classic Step-Frame Animation sequence, a lion running.

This is basically the same as the animations you’ve done so far on paper and in PIVOT. Today you will be using Adobe Flash to make a Step Frame Animation.

Animator vs, Animation

The animator is using Flash to create a step by step animation.

What key is the animator pressing after completing each frame?

What is Step Frame Animation?

Adobe Flash
Overview of Program by teacher


Add glossary terms to your glossary and find the meanings for this weeks terms.

Whole class activity – Follow teachers instruction

  • Open Flash
  • Select a circle and place it on the stage
  • Hit F6
  • Select another circle and place it on the stage a little to left of the previous circle
  • Hit F6
  • Repeat process until the ball travels in a smooth way across the stage.

Select and complete at least one the following animations

ball moving and hitting a wall

Pacman opening and closing, eating dots and moving

Stick Figure Walk Cycle.

 Save and upload your work into your work folder.


What did you learn today about Step Frame Animation? Rate your interest in todays topic. Did you complete the success criteria? Did you experience any difficulties? It so how did you overcome them? Are you looking for to next week?


Find and watch a tutorial video on Flash Tween Animation

Research your favourite animated movie, answer the following:

  • When was it made?
  • How long did it take to make?
  • Who were the lead animators?
  • How was it made, hand drawn or computer animation?

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