Week 6 and 7: Animated Character moving through obstacles.

Lesson Intention: I will learn how to animate a character and move it through a world. I will learn how to animate backgrounds. Success Criteria To create an animated background. To move a character as in a game. Warm Up Pacman gameplay. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i_OjztdQ8iw Early preview of flappy bird https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fQoJZuBwrkU In what game does the character/s […]

Week 05: Audio and “Movies”

Lesson Intention: I will learn how to embed audio into a flash application. I will learn how to create a self contained ‘movie’ inside flash. Success Criteria Create a key-frame and add audio. Create a self contained animation in flash. Warm Up Why Do we add sound to films and animations? https://youtu.be/_Jznye0iqYE?t=3m51s Glossary  Embed  movie […]

Week 04: Tweens

Lesson Intention: I will learn about tweening in animaiton I will learn how to create motion tweens, shape tweens and motion path tweens. Success Criteria I will create at least one tween. I will understand how using tweens save time in animation Warm Up What is Tweening: Short for in-betweening, the process of generating intermediate […]

Week 03: Step-Frame Animation

Learning Intention To develop an understanding of Step Frame Animation To develop techniques to produce a Step Frame Animation  Success Criteria To produce a simple Step-Frame Animation in Adobe Flash To identify and understand key terms and concepts Warm Up Up  to 1990’s most animation and cartoons that you enjoy use Step-Frame Animation. The animation takes […]

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