Week 02: What is Animation?

Learning Intention

To understand what is animation and the most common ways it can be created.

Success Criteria

I  will create a basic flip animation.

I can discuss common methods of creating animation and know that animation is not limited to cartoons.

Warm Up

What is animation?


Animation is the illusion of movement created by quickly showing a series of images, each slightly different from the last

Brief History of Animation

What are some methods of creating animation? (2D, 3D etc. and provide an example of each one)


Teacher explains and leads a discussion on what a frame is and common programs used?

Frames are required as they identify the movement needed to take place in the animation.


Flip Animation


Task 1 : Flip animation


In pairs create your own flip animation.

Ideas to try.

  • stick figures fighting, OR driving a car around a mountain.
  • Use 24 Frames, small pieces of paper (half the size of an A5)
  • Drawings should be in colour.

When finished

  • Swap you animations with another pair and analyse how effective it is.



What is effective and ineffective about flipbook animation? Why do you think flip animation is no longer common used?

How has animation changed over time?


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