Week 2: Using PIVOT

Learning intention

To understand simple animation like a flipbook can be created with the use of technology.

Success criteria

I can form a link between a flipbook animation and the frames per second required to create a basic online animation.

Warm up

Recap on previous lesson – how can we define animation?
What is the standard frame rate?


Teacher demonstration of PIVOT understanding the interface, layout and main settings.

Teacher creates a quick PIVOT animation

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1PFJPg9BhSw |


  • Frames Per Second


Create a basic stick figure animation. Individual work – you can base this on your flipbook.


  • stick figures fighting
  • dancing
  • car driving around a mountain

Advanced Level. (for those who have using pivot before)

Save your PIVOT work and share with a friend.


Compare the two methods of animation you used today. Which do you prefer and why? What are the advantages and limitations of both?


Create a glossay and find the meaning of the following terms.

  • Frames Per Second
  • Animation
  • Flip Animation
  • Frame

Find and watch a basic YouTube on Flash


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