Week 9

Learning Intention

Beta Test interactive Design.

Control and Micro-controller with a computer program.

Warm Up

Debono Hats



Hey how do we think? How do we work out what to do next?

Break Up into design groups.

Junior Students you are the testers, rate the teams design

Good, Needs Improvement,

Re-group: 12:10 – Show and tell Robot

12:25 – Juniors Leave

12:30 – Electronics Talks

  • Resistor / Voltage / Capacitors
  • Sensors in the real world.

12:50 – Arduino Task

Blinks _ alternating LEDs | http://physicalcomputing.global2.vic.edu.au/2015/06/27/project-1-controlling-an-led/

1:20 – Lesson wrap up and review.

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