Understanding Empathy

Learning Intention

To understand empathy and how it is developed in children from babies to year 9

Success Criteria

  •  To have a common understanding of empathy
  •  To understand the basic development of empathy from infancy to adulthood
  •  To apply basic knowledge of empathy development to design models


From last lesson “What is empathy” – what symbols or interactivity did you design?

Warm-Up/Tuning In

Break up into groups

Sort the selected pictures and quotes into a timeline of development.  Use the template you are given a template to support your thinking.

Encourage open discussion in your group. Class discussion and respectfully challenge some assumptions (no wrong answers).

Student recorder puts keep points into document to turn into Word Cloud



 One person from each group record groups responses  – student recorder tracks “Red, Yellow, Green card response”


 Use the prezi, the link above as a reference.

Complete this online template to help you plan an Empathy Tree.  What do they know? What do they need? How can I do this? Other relevant research links are shared

Group 1 | Group 2 | Group 3 | Group 4 | Group 5 | Group 6 | Group 7

Issues Download this template and complete in word.


Group share : Share your groups template and insights.

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