Week 3: Empathy Tree

Learning Intention

Design an interactivity project to that supports empathy

Success Criteria

Design a section of an interactive project that responds to an emotion

Warm UP

What’s Empathy?


Touch Board


“I’m going to get my year 9 students to come up with an interactive project for junior school. I like your idea of doing something that could work in the yard to support students who are feeling a bit sad or lonely at lunch and recess. My brainstorm is to create an “Empathy Tree”, so creating an emphatic response is the task and each student team would come up with an idea for a “branch” or node of the tree. Eg A branch each for Sadness, Anger, Loneliness, Happiness etc. The students would come up with the design of the tree, the interactions and feedback.

I’ll prompt my students thus “What could you say to a young student who is feeling sad?” – How could you make that interactive happen. (“Touch the blue branch on the tree and the tree tells the students a comforting story”)

Later I would like to either take my class to a junior school class (or bring the other way around) so my students could test and refine the design. “

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