Week 8: Exam


Learning Intention

 Finish the exam

Success Criteria

Successful complete the exam


  • Theory – Multiple choice (25 marks)
  • Design – Short answers and drawing (10 marks)
  • Practical Application – Create a vector cartoon drawing in Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Flash (25)
  • Evaluation Section (10 Marks)

Exam rules

No talking, all bags outside, No phones
No leaving the exam room


Complete sections 1 and 2 on paper.
Complete Practical section by downloading vector files and completing task.

Practical Vector Cartoon Drawing

Design Brief: Create a vector cartoon drawing of a professional standard. The graphic should have following features.

  • Scalable [looks good up close and at a distance]
  • Clean outlines
  • Suitable colouring [inking]
  • Shadowing
Download this folder Year 9 Exam

Choose one the activities Grit Dog or Hulk complete drawing in Flash or Illustrator

Online Tutorial: http://www.claytowne.com/beats-digging-ditches/ultimate-digital-ink-and-color-tutorial-for-adobe-illustrator-cs5/


adjusting brush strokes


How did you go in the exam. What would you like to explore next week?


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