Week 8: Exam

Learning Intention  Finish the exam Success Criteria Successful complete the exam Activities Theory – Multiple choice (25 marks) Design – Short answers and drawing (10 marks) Practical Application – Create a vector cartoon drawing in Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Flash (25) Evaluation Section (10 Marks) Exam rules No talking, all bags outside, No phones No […]

Exam Revision

Learning Intention To prepare for the mid year exam next week Success Criteria To complete revision activities Warm Up The exam will be in two sections. A written multiple choice section and short hands on technical task. This year you will be completing a vector drawing tasks in Illustrator or Flash Activities  https://quizlet.com/_1e6s41  

Week 5: Vector Drawing Pirate

Lesson Intention I will extend my knowledge and skills in vector drawing Success Criteria Create a image using different vector drawing techniques Introduction Activities Download an line drawing of a pirate and apply the drawing techniques shown in the video Reflection What did you learn today about vector drawing. Homework Create a pencil drawing for […]

Week 4: Vector Drawing

Lesson Intention: I will extend my skills using the brush tool in Illustrator and learn how to use the knife tool to create shadows and highlights. Brush tool exercise (advanced): Follow this tutorial: http://www.claytowne.com/beats-digging-ditches/ultimate-digital-ink-and-color-tutorial-for-adobe-illustrator-cs5/ Download this zip folder: Demon Brush Tool Exercise Review/Intro: Last week used the brush tool in Illustrator to trace an image […]

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