Step and Tween animation


Lesson Intention

I will create a basic flip animation.

I will create a short tween animation in Flash.

What is animation

Animation is the illusion of movement created by quickly showing a series of images, each slightly different from the last.

Watch Video on Flash Motion Tweening.

Task 1.

Flip animation

In pairs create your own flip animation.

Ideas to try.

Task 2

Download sample files

Video on Shape Tweening

Student Task

Download Flash Tweens Zip: flashTweens

Rename folder to Yourname_FlashTween eg. RecebaFlashTweens.

Open the folder and create.

  • A shape tween
  • A motion tween
  • A motion path tween

See if you can also can the size, colour and opacity in your tweens.


Motion Tween you are moving symbols.

Shape Tween is between two drawing objects.

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