Week 8: Newsletter Submission


Lesson Intention

To develop and submit a prototype design for an ICT product

Success Criteria

Create a prototype page in InDesign for the school newsletter


Screen sizes for different devices
InDesign Refresher


What do we mean by prototype

From our client

We always have articles on inter school sport, community events, upcoming events at the college, examples of academic excellence. Perhaps you could also ask the students to design teacher of the week pages, student of the week pages etc as well?


Linking textboxes with InDesign and columns




Current school newsletters

Tips for beginners

In pairs do one of the following

Create a PARTY double spread using this
PARTY Text images are on the shared drive.

MRC Movie Night flyer use the text from this webpage and follow the tutorial below
How to make a tutorial flyer


What did you learn about producing a prototype for a client and working with InDesign?


 Follow up and view more InDesign tutorial take notes for next session. Find examples of good layout design from magazines online and offline.

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