Week 5: Designing an ICT product – Text

Learning Intention

I will use a layout program to design a product in  response to client need.

Design an ICT product for different devices

Success Criteria

Identify the client need

Brainstorm improvement to existing product

Become familiar with InDesign

Warm Up

What is a client?

What makes an attractive document?


Tim Contrel: The great newsletter problem

(take notes in Word, save as Newsletter Client Need)


Brainstorm improvements to existing newsletter (words)

Brainstorm layout ideas (computer screen, ipads, mobile phones)

Teacher model on whiteboard

In pairs develop a wireframe

Open InDesign – Create a basic page with images, headings, sub-headings, text. (if Internet – Latin Dummie Text)

Save your work.


What did you learn today about Client Need, designing a product for different devices?


Research different screen sizes and resolutions for the following devices:

PC / iMac (standard size screen)


Smart Phone (Android / iPhone)

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