World's Hardest game

Week 04: World’s Hardest Game

Learning Intention

To learn how to create a Hit Test in an animated game

Success Criteria

Download zip folder

Identify the movies symbols, instances and hit-test.

Add more movies to the stage and create new instances

Add more action script to make the game harder

Design the next stage of the game.

Warm Up

Teacher plays World’s Hardest Game (flash teachers version). Asks for suggestions.


Download week8

Open in Flash and add more movies to the stage to make the game harder. Create an instance for movie and modify the ActionScript to make the game harder.

In Word brainstorm/propose how you could improve the game, e.g., Keep score

Save any changes you’ve made and submit your new Flash Game.

Add “re-sporn” your character after they have been hit. Try and figure how the character could bounce off walls rather than go through them.

Getting on progressing through Khan Academy and Flash coding tasks from last week .

Khan Academy | Download: 2- 5 Demo Files


2 Paragraphs in your workbooks.

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