Orientation 2014

Learning Intention

 To gain an introduction to 9 Multimedia

Success Criteria

  • To complete a coding task and an image optimisation task
  • Resize images in Photoshop
  • Importing images into Flash
  • Add basic coding to navigate through the slide show

Warm Up



For 9 Multimedia in 2015 I would like to split the course into 2. Term 1 I want to extend your multimedia skills. Term 2 I want to introduce you to coding. Then in 2016 you could choose to do 10ICT that will be very coding based (building Apps) or 10 Multimedia that will be focused on making multimedia products eg A website with audio, images, video and animation.

Today I want you to do some simple coding in Flash and Optimise some images in Photoshop


Image Optimisation – To save or modify an image for a purpose, usually using the minimum of memory eg images for a website.

Action Script – Code in Flash that allows interactivity

Adobe Flash – An interactive animation program used for making games, animation and interactive buttons

Import – Bring media from another source into a program.


 Download this image folder  it has 5 images you need to resize the images and save them as jpeg

Download this flash image gallery file you will insert your saved images into the flash file.

Teacher demonstration of how to resize an image

Teacher demonstration of how to import an image into Flash

Teacher demonstration adding navigation code


Explain what you learn about resizing images, importing images and adding code.

What would you like to learn in 2015


Go online and learn different methods of creating an image gallery. Check the this website for changes.

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