Week 9: Audio Controls in Flash

Learning Intention

I learn how to control audio through coding

I will create a presentation / slide show through coding

Success Criteria

Understand how to assign a variable for a sound

Understand how to attach  a sound to a variable

Understand how to start, stop and “pause” through applying codes to buttons

Warm Up

DJ mixing


Music = new Sound(this);
Music.start(0, 99);

Teacher demo of flash movies in share drive

http://www.kirupa.com/developer/actionscript/sound.htm Explains each step in detail. Copy and then summerise so you remember this will be on  a test.


Sound Controller
Copy and paste the week 9 sound folder in the share drive.

Open each and add your own sounds/muisc

Image Gallery
Collect 10 images on a theme, (eg Muscle cars, or Music performers) all images have to be the same size. Get help from L on how to create the gallery.


What did you learn today about using code to control media


On paper design an interface for a music control/player or image gallery

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