Week 6: ActionScript 2 movie controls

Learning Intention

I will use ActionScript 2 to move to different section of a movie timeline

Success Criteria

Correctly identify a button instance name

Add the correct instance name to a button function

Add the correct label name to a button function




Download this Flash movie and complete it.


Follow this tutorial and complete the exercise


Continue with last weeks Flash phone interface activity.

Download week 5: week5 into your folder and open the teacher example to see how it works.

Now open the student example in Flash. You have to add icon buttons, label frames, create instances to get example to go to and return from two screens.

Then I want you  to copy and paste form the master Illustrator file to add additional screen grabs of apps.


 What did you learn today about using ActionsSripting to navigate inside a Flash movie?


Research what the command gotoAndPlay (); does.

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