Week 5: Movie Controls and buttons in Flash

Learning Intention

 Create functioning user interface of smart phone using programing.

Success Criteria

 Create keyframes and correct apply labels

Add an instance name to a button

Create a function in Actionscripting

Use code to determine what section of a timeline a user should go to after releasing a mouse

Log on to Office 365.

Warm Up

Office 365.

What is office 365? What does it allow you to do.

Log off and reset your password, then try to log in.


Blank Keyframe
Instance Name
Frame Label
Movie Control



iphoneUIThis is a screen shot of iphone user interface I built in Flash using artwork imported from Adobe Illustrator.

All the icons are buttons and if you name them (instance name) and add code ActionScript the user will go to another screen that shows what the app would look like.

I’ve only added code to two buttons Weather and Clock.

Teacher demo of Flash iphone user interface.


Open Flash and follow teacher direction to make a Flash movie with buttons that control the timeline.

Key bit of code

Slide.onRelease = function() {

Download week 5: week5 into your folder and open the teacher example to see how it works.

Now open the student example in Flash. You have to add icon buttons, label frames, create instances to get example to go to and return from two screens.

Then I want you  to copy and paste form the master Illustrator file to add additional screen grabs of apps.


What did you learn today about coding in Flash?


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