Week 1: Getting Organised

Lesson Intention

I will create documents and folder hierarchy in an online space

Success Criteria

  • To understand the benefits of sharing files online
  • To create online workbook, glossary and reflection documents in Google Docs
  • To create a folder hierarchy in Google Docs


  • Collaboration
  • Folder Hierarchy
  • Online Applications
  • Online Collaboration
  • Google Document

 Warm Up

How many different types of animation can you name?


 How was this animation made?


Google Docs video

 What are the advantages of using Google Docs? What are three applications that you can use?


Go to your folder in the class Google Docs account.


username: mrc9multimedia@gmail.com
password: Ask the teacher

Create the following folders.

  • Assessment
  • Class Activities
  • Written Tasks
  • Projects

Download (save file as) the following documents.

Now upload the same files into your Google Docs “written tasks” folder

Right click each file and select open with Google Docs

Then trash the uploaded Word documents.


What did you learn today about online collaboration and Google Docs? Use three glossary terms in your answer. Rate your success in completing tasks.

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