Week 3: Design a smart phone interface

Learning Intention  I will design an interface in Flash for a smart phone Success Criteria  Use Flash to create a screen background Use Flash to draw app icons Convert a graphic into a button Warm Up  Example on smart phone interface: http://www.linearpublishing.com/Articles-s-15152.412112-203185.114123_Smart_Phone_Interface.html#543 Introduction How to draw an iPhone in Illustrator http://design.tutsplus.com/tutorials/create-a-detailed-vector-based-iphone-illustration-part-1–vector-3563 Activities Follow tutorial and start […]

Week 02: Drawing a character in Flash

Learning Intention Students will learn how to draw a simple character in Flash Success Criteria Create a simple vector drawing in Flash using objects and fills Follow an online tutorial Activities Drawing a simple character in Flash Flash Drawing Tut Follow the tutorial to complete the task. Follow this easier online tutorial http://www.echoecho.com/flashdrawing01.htm Extension http://www.flashvault.net/tutorial.asp?ID=147 […]

Week 1: Getting Organised

Lesson Intention I will create documents and folder hierarchy in an online space Success Criteria To understand the benefits of sharing files online To create online workbook, glossary and reflection documents in Google Docs To create a folder hierarchy in Google Docs Glossary Collaboration Folder Hierarchy Online Applications Online Collaboration Google Document  Warm Up How […]

Week 2: Animation and Pivot

Learning Intention I will be able to define animation and create an animation Success Criteria Define what animation is Create a simple step animation using a flip pad Open Pivot and learn its basic features Create a simple one character animation using Pivot Warm up In Word develop an definition of animation in your own […]

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