Week 12: Stop Frame Animation

Learning Intention

 I will understand how to create a basic stop frame animation

Success Criteria

Download FrameByFrame
Understand Glossary Terms
Create a basic animation
Plan to create a more advanced stop frame animation


Example of Stop Frame Animation

Prank Call Pes


Pepper Heart Pes


Last year’s work


username: year9exam@gmail.com

password: (see whiteboard)


In pairs of three come up with brainstorm some ideas for stop motion animations. The theme for the animation will be Create Your Future.


Stop Frame Animation
Onion Skinning


Search and then Download FrameByFrame for Mac,
drag icon into the applications folder
Open program

Animated Selfie
Use FrameByFrame to create an animated selfie, experiment with adjusting the frame rate.

Read the review of FrameByFrame on the download page. What the Pros and Cons of the program?
What program does Cyril Roger recommend for creating more advanced stop frame animation?
It is possible to download this program?





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