Week 8: Interactive Character

Learning Intention

 To be able to create an animation with an interactive character

 Success Criteria

 Copy a design for character in Flash

 Turn the graphic into a movie

 Apply simple Actionscripting to make the character move

 Test the movie check if it’s working, debug if necessary


  • SWF
  • Debug
  • Interactive
  • Actions
  • Actionscripting
  • Instance
  • Instance Name
  • Function




    1. Download the zip folder and open Myanimation.fla
    2. Open the library window and double click either the Pac Man or Tank movie
    3. Create an instance name (pac_man or tank1)
    4. Import the jpeg image of Pac Man or Tank to the stage.
    5. Add another layer and trace the image.
    6.  Now delete the layer with the jpeg.


Now we add some code to make the character move.

    1.  Click onto the first frame of the Actions layer.
    2.  Open the Action windows
    3. Copy and paste either the Tank scripting code or the Pac Man scripting.
    4.  Modify the scripting to make the character move.
    5.  Test your movie.


In the background layer add some suitable backgrounds.


What did you learn today? What was successful? What difficulties did you encounter? Use 4 words from the glossary above in your reflection.


Complete glossary.

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