Week 6: Moving backgrounds

Learning Intentions:

I will learn how to important vector drawings from Illustrator into Flash

I will learn how to create an animated movie in Flash

I will learn how to move a background in Flash


Steam Boat Willie.


In the first scene what technique is used to make it appear that the boat is moving?

Animating Backgrounds

1. Importing vector drawings from Illustrator into Flash

Download this zip folder: moving backgrounds

rename it to yourname_moving Backgrounds


2. Drawing a background and moving a background

Create a new new layer in the Flash movie and label it background.

Draw a cloud/s or rolling hills in the layer. Select all the objects you’ve drawn in the layer

Modify > Convert to Symbol > Graphic

Label the Graphic “background”

Add a Motion Tween to the “background” symbol and make it appear the bird is Flying.

Extension Activities

Choose one or more of the following if your finished:

  • Create and motion tween several backgrounds that move at different speeds
  • Create your own animated character that moves against an moving background
  • Create a flash movie that use motions tweens that sync to music

 Save Save Save:

Save your work first to your student drive, then copy and paste in the 9 multimedia folder in the share drive


Watch this video on Flash terms and animation basics


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