Week 07: More exam revision and squash and stretch

Learning Intention:

I will learn how to create squash and stretch effect on my bouncing ball animation

I will create a motion path with the pen tool and create a realistic path


The exam in year 9 in three parts.

    1. (Multiple choice) Flash terms, Design Process, Animation History (Steam boat willie).
    2. (Short answer) Design a short animation
    3. (Practical test) Build a short animation – Bouncing Ball animation.
Teacher demo of pen tool and squash and stretch. 

From last week: Download – bouncing ball

Exam Revision:

Flash Glossary  – Flash Glossary

Steamboat Willie – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steamboat_Willie – Only the first section – Revise

    • Who made it?
    • When was it made?
    • Why was it important?
    • How was it made?

Design Process –

What are the basic stages and simple terms. Read and understand this webpage.

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