Week 5: Hit tests and motion paths

Lesson Intention:

I will learn how Hit Tests work and create a simple hit test in ActionScripting

I will learn how motion paths work and create a simple motion path in an animation


All games employ hit tests to detect when a character hits or get hits by something.

Teacher demo of hit test.

Many flash animations employ motion paths to confine the motion of a movie to a path.

Teacher demo and youtube clip


Create a hit test in last weeks Flash file or start a new file and make one.

Download and open the zip file below open the Hit test movie.

pac_girl game

Create a motion path and


What did you do today what did you learn?


Watch and read these bouncing ball tutorials.

Flash bouncing ball animation: Straight up and down.


Now using a motion path.

Exposing Yourself to Flash Tutorial #1 – Creating a Bouncing Ball


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