Week 1: Animating and Tracing.

Learning Intention:

I will learn how to trace a bit map using auto trace setting in Flash.

I will learn how to manually trace a bit map using the line tool and Bezier curves

I will trace a cartoon character in Flash and use a simple tween to animate it


  • Bit Map
  • Raster Image
  • Vector Graphics
  • Trace
  • Auto Trace
  • Bezier curve/handle
  • Tween
  • Motion Tween

Download and complete Flash Tracing Glossary. Flash Tracing Glossary

Auto Trace a Bit Map:

Flash allows you to convert a bitmap (raster image) into a vector image.


Teacher Demo:

Download this image and import it into Flash, Trace it and colour it in using the bucket tool.

I coloured the dog in and made a simple animation: bigdog

Now go to Google images search “baby animals” select line drawings and download an image and trace it in Flash.

Modify > Bitmap > Trace Bitmap.

Manual Trace a Bitmap:


  1. Download a cartoon character from google images.
  2. Import it into Flash.
  3. Create a new layer and using the line tool trace the bitmap. Take advantage of Bezier curve and handles to trace curves.
  4. Colour the image when finished using the paint bucket.

Now convert the drawing to a symbol, add frame and insert a tween.



Help Videos:

The Flash Environment

Understanding Key Frames

Understanding Movie Clips

Understanding the Library Panel

Bone Tool.


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