Week 9: Flash Tweening

Lesson Intention:

I will learn about tweening in animaiton

I will learn how to create motion tweens, shape tweens and motion path tweens.

I will learn how to animate colours and opacity


Review: Last lesson we learnt how to create a basic charter, a dog, using shapes and layers.

Watch Video on Flash Motion Tweening.


Download sample files

Video on Shape Tweening


Student Task

Download Flash Tweens Zip: flashTweens

Rename folder to Yourname_FlashTween eg. RecebaFlashTweens.

Open the folder and create.

  • A shape tween
  • A motion tween
  • A motion path tween

See if you can also can the size, colour and opacity in your tweens.

When complete copy the renamed folder into the Year 9 multimedia folder in the student share.

Important note.

Motion Tween you are moving symbols.

Shape Tween is between two drawing objects.

Homework Tasks.

1. If possible download a the free trail version of flash.
2. Go to Youtube or Google, watch or if possible complete tutorials on
“Bouncing ball animation Flash”

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