week 11: Exam review and skip counting presentation

Shae see Ms Leheny @ Recess

Lesson Intention:

  • To review the Year 9 Multimedia exam
  • To upload the skip counting project
  • To present the skip counting project to the grade 12 class

Exam Results

The good: Average score was

The not so good: Confusion over some terms, not a clear link between design and application for some students

Overall: Pleasing result

Skip Counting Projects

Upload your skip counting Flash files and SWF to the exam dropbox account [skip counting folder]


username: year9exam@gmail.com

password: (see whiteboard)

 Rehearse presenting the project to your grade 12 buddies

Session 2 – Present skip counting project to junior students

Have a great break 🙂


Your teams Design Docs: Complete

Ethan and Ryan

Mikayla 9H  Matilda 9C  Adriana9D



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