Week 9: Multimedia Exam

Learning Intention:

I will successfully complete the Year 9 Multimedia Exam

The Exam:

Format – 3 sections

  1. Theory – Multiple choice (30 marks)
  2. Design – Short answers and drawing (30 marks)
  3. Practical Application – Create a short bouncing ball animation

Exam rules

  • No talking, all bags outside
  • No leaving the exam room


  • Complete sections 1 and 2 on paper.
  • Complete Practical section by downloading Flash Files and completing exercise.

Practical Flash Application

Design Brief: Create a short bouncing ball animation that bounces from left to right. Use a motion guide path to determine the path of the ball. Correctly label all layers and use Keyframes to add sound effects and squash and stretch of the ball.

5 Marks each.

  1. All layers are correctly labelled
  2. Sound syncing with animation
  3. Ball follows the motion guide path
  4. Motion guide path is realistic
  5. Correct use of keyframes
  6. Flash movie matches design section
  7. Ball squashes when hitting the floor and stretches when moving away
  8. File is correctly saved and labelled, FirstnameLastnameBouncingBall.fla

Download exambouncingBall to your computer and begin.

Upload work to your folder in Dropbox.


username: year9exam@gmail.com

password: (see whiteboard)



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