Week 5: Submit first draft of your animation.

Learning Intention:

I continue to work on my animation and submit a draft.

I will what will be required for the Year 9 Multimedia exam.

Revision: Last Week Creating labels and syncing animations

cute animals

Teacher Demo of how to creating label and animating text

Music for animation: Whatcha’ Gonna’ Do? (Count by 2’s, 5’s, 10’s)

Year 9 Exam:

Oh No……

 Yes we have an exam, week 9. 

3 Parts

    1. Multiply choice (mainly terms)
    2. Design section (extended answers)
    3. Practical section (create a simple animation)


Continue with your skip counting animation.

Help Videos:

The Flash Environment

Understanding Key Frames

Understanding Movie Clips

Understanding the Library Panel

Submit Draft

Export Flash movie and upload the SWF.

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