Week 8: Design Process

Lesson Intention

I will learn the basics of Design Process

I will design a solution to problem using the Design Process


Students are reintroduced to the Design Process. They are asked to back into time and solve probably the first great ICT problem. The problem of finding longitude at sea.

Students are shown the start of a Youtube video about how the problem of longitude was solved. The video introduces the problem. The solution to problem was creating a product to accurately measure time at sea.

link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=23uBOn7d4PY

Student Tasks

Task 1:

Students download a worksheet that asks them to identify the problem, design a solution to the problem and finally suggest ways that the solution could be evaluated.

link: http://9multimedia.global2.vic.edu.au/files/2013/03/Solving-The-Problem-of-Longitude-2lhm111.doc

Design a solution to the problem of latitude at sea. There are 3 constraints.

1. There is no electrical power
2. The product has to be able to withstand wave motion
3. It can’t rely on gravity.

Students are give 5-10mins on the task and asked to contribute to general discussion. The rest of the video is played to find what solution was actually created.

Task 2:

Time permitting or Homework task
Using the Design Process come up with ideas for one of the following:

An iPhone that never needs re-charging
Sunglasses that play movies
A pen that can help you cheat on exams

Extension Activities

Have a go at  two choices in task 2 or develop your own products from scratch. If time permits use paint or Photoshop to create a visual design.

If you’re struggling

Spend more time on activity one if struggling.

Homework Task

Complete task 2.

Ask your parents to comment on the blog. I would like them to talk about the impact of one of the following.

iPhone, iPod, mobile phone, the Internet.

Feed Back / Review

Students review other students solutions and give feedback.

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