Week 8: Skip Counting Project.

Lesson Intention

To develop an assessment rubric for the Skip Counting Project

To start to design a solution for the Skip Counting Project

 Skip Counting Project.

Problem: To create a computer animation to assist students at a Grade 1/2 level to skip count.

Design: You have already starting designing last week when you worked with the junior students on things that they would like to see in the animation.

Further Design: You now need to figure out:

  • how to turn those pencil drawings in computer drawings
  • The length and timeline of the project
  • what skills you already have to complete the project
  • what skills you need to complete the project

Design Task.

Download the: Skip Counting Project

Change the file name to Your names, complete it in your groups and upload it.

Please select a valid form

Use Powerpoint or any other program to re-create the timeline and upload that file also.

Assessment Rubric

As a class develop rubric.






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