Week 7: Skip Counting Project

Lesson Intention

I will identify the problem that grade 1/2 students have with skip counting

I will participate in skip counting activities with grade 1/2 students

I will find a skip counting activity that could be turning into a Flash product at a later date


Review: What are the three stages of the Design Process?

Small children find it difficult counting in steps and counting in multiplies (2,4,6,8).

Our task is to work with the a Grade 1/2 class to create an ICT product that could make skip counting easier and fun. We could create the following applications in Flash:

Skip counting songs. (simple animations and syncing with music)
Drag and drop (for 5s, drag 5 cows to a paddock)
Identifying patterns (click on all the 5s in a 100s chart)


link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aSfjhkIUDvI

Student Activity

Year 9 students first identify stages of design process and listen to project brief given by teacher. Students then work with grade 1/2 buddies and choose a skip counting activity they want to design and develop into a Flash application.

link: None

Extension Activities

Consider challenging yourself with this project and select skip counting activity that is a bit more challenging, consult the teacher. Drag and drop and Pattern identifying will be more challenging than a counting song.

If you’re struggling

Stick with a creating a skip counting song for your activity.

Feed Back / Review

Verbal feedback in class about activities. Online feedback via subject blog.

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