Week 8: Design Process

Lesson Intention I will learn the basics of Design Process I will design a solution to problem using the Design Process Introduction Students are reintroduced to the Design Process. They are asked to back into time and solve probably the first great ICT problem. The problem of finding longitude at sea. Students are shown the […]

Week 8: Skip Counting Project.

Lesson Intention To develop an assessment rubric for the Skip Counting Project To start to design a solution for the Skip Counting Project  Skip Counting Project. Problem: To create a computer animation to assist students at a Grade 1/2 level to skip count. Design: You have already starting designing last week when you worked with […]

Week 6: Moving Backgrounds

Learning Intentions: I will learn how to important vector drawings from Illustrator into Flash I will learn how to create an animated movie in Flash I will learn how to move a background in Flash Review: Homework Tasks. 1. Open the google docs with your name on it and answer the questions, each team has […]

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