Week 4: Flash Drawing and uploading files

Learning Intention

  1. I will add music and sound effects to a Flash animation
  2. I will learn how to draw a simple character in Flash
  3. I will upload files using an online form
  4. I will contribute to a collaborative google doc.


Adding Sound to Flash Animation


Add I of these music file for the “sound track” of your Flash Animation, please acknowledge the source.

3 Mammatus | 4 Opacus

Source: “I built the sky” : http://ibuiltthesky.bandcamp.com/ 

 Teacher demonstration of syncing sound events.

Download and add one or more of the following sound effects.

throwknife | thump | bang_6 | chop |

Drawing a simple character in Flash

Flash Drawing Tut


Uploading Saved Work

Please select a valid form


Contributing to a Google Document.

Click on one of the links below following the instructions and add your name.

 Cars | Hair | Nature





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