Term 4 Week 6: Bloom project.

Learning Intention:

I will continue with the blooms project.


Continue with blooms project.

Photoshop Illustrator Audacity Wix / Dreamweaver
Image Editing Vector Drawing Audio Editing Website
Novice Create single calander page from a template Create text in Illustrator with an outline and 1 effect Edit an audio file with fade ins and fade outs. Create a simple webpage on Wix
Apprentice Create two or calendar pages and edit the template. Create a simple logo in Illustrator or a business card Combine simple sound effects to create a story. Use a Wix template to create website with images and text
Capable Create a pop art poster or folder paper effect on an image. Trace an image in Illustrator, use colours, gradients and shadows. Combine two songs to create a remix, use beat syncing. Modify a Wix template to create a website with video and apps
Expect Use advanced dodging & burning techniques to  create contrast. Create a own montage image Create a cartoon character in Illustrator or an advance 3D image Use advanced effects to create new sounds in an audio composition In Dreamweave create a template for a website using CSS.
Rules You need at least 40 points and select from two or more categories eg Image Editing and Audio Editing.
Score Novice Apprentice Capable Expert
20 40 60 80

Photoshop: Tutorials on the student share.

Illustrator: Google “Illustrator Text Effects”, “Illustrator Logo Creation”, “Illustrator Gradients”, “Illustrator Cartoon Character”


What did you achieve today?

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