Week 9: Modifying Your Own Blogs

Learning Intention:

I will learn what a blog is.

I will learn how to do the following in my own blog:

  • Change my password
  • Add a post
  • Add and modify text
  • Add images
  • Insert a HTML link
  • Change the visual theme

What is a blog?

Common Craft Video: Blogs in Plain English

Check out the blogs mentioned in the video
http://techcrunch.com/ | http://mashable.com/ | http://boingboing.net/ | http://www.huffingtonpost.com/

 Creating Your Own Blog

There are a number of free websites that allow you to create your own blog. We are going to use Global2, a department of education website that use WordPress technology to allow students to create their blogs.

I have already created global2 blogs for the Year 9 Multimedia class. To find your blog go to.


eg: HaroldMRC.global2.vic.edu.au

At the moment the sites all look the same and have no real content, you are going to add content to the blogs and make them exciting.

Some basic rules.

Before we can start we need to create a list of basic rules to follow.

What can I change, what can’t I change?

Can’t Change: URL, username, teacher as administrator

Can Change: Theme (way it looks), password

Your Tasks today:

Blogging with Globalstudent.org.au from Darrel Branson on Vimeo.


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