Week 6: Masking Layers in Flash

Learning Intention:

I will learn how to create a masking Layer in Flash

What is a mask?

Below is a simple mask that is used to mask and reveal parts of an image.



Copy and paste week 6 folder into your drive. All the flash files on this tutorial site are there.


Following the masking tut above and create a masking layer. Incorporate a masking layer into your animated video clip.

Great tutorials


Shape Tweening (Objects)
Shape Tweening Basics
Shape Hinting
Shape Tweening Text
The Fill Transform Tool

Motion TweeninG (Symbols)
Motion Tweening Basics
Symbols, Instances, and the Library
Where did all My Work Go?!
Editing Frames
Editing Instances
Editing Symbols
Motion Tweening 02
Tweening Effects: Editing Instances 02


What did you learn about masking layers in Flash today?

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