Week 1: Story Boarding and add sound to an animation

Lesson Intention

I will create a basic storyboard for a simple animation.

I will create a short animation in pivot.

I will add music or a sound effect in Movie Maker.

Great and Funny Pivot animations

Story board

What’s a story board?

(class brainstorm)

Create a basic story board of a school fight.


Storyboards are tiny drawings that show each scene of your film creating a blueprint for your movie.

Lets look at a scene from a 3D animation that was made using storyboards.

Toy Story – Play Nice Scene

Now this was the storyboard used to make the scene.

Toy Story – Play Nice Scene: Story Board

 What do storyboards help you do?

Create your own storyboard.

Using the storyboard template come up with a 6 panel story.

Storyboard Template: Storyboard  (PDF)

Some ideas

  • A funny fight
  • Chase scene
  • Falling down
  • Getting squashed by a ball

Create a short pivot animation less than 5 secs long.

Lots of pivot tutorials: http://forums.stickpage.com/forumdisplay.php?19-Pivot-Tutorials

Save the movie as a gif.

Adding sound.

Adding sound to pivot

Story board

Create animation

Add sound in movie maker.



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