Dreamweaver Insert

Insert Images into Dreamweaver Creating the GTR webpage. Follow the same steps for the Change Hair Colour. At the end of the tutorial you should have a table that looks like this. Finished Table When you open the template you will see an empty table. Carefully delete the text in the main cell and choose […]

Introducing Dreamweaver

Learning Intention I will create a basic webpage in Dreamweaver Task To create a basic web page in Dreamweaver by inserting images into a table. (teacher show students webpage) Dreamweaver Insert Images Tutorial Right click onto the yourversion.html file and select open with,  select open with Dreamweaver Delet the text in the top row and […]

Using basic text tools in Photoshop

Learning Intention I will use layers, text and filters in photoshop to create chrome text. Teacher Model http://www.voidix.com/photoshop_chrome_text.html Click onto the link above and complete tut. Extension Find ways to make the image more interesting. Search the Net for other simple Photoshop tuts and save the link and complete. Reflection. What did you learn about […]

Aviary online image creation

Learning Intention I will learn how to create and manipulate an image using an online application. Aviary have heaps of online tutorials http://advanced.aviary.com/tutorials?tool=Phoenix This one show to age a young person. http://advanced.aviary.com/tutorial?tutorial=aging_a_person&singlepageview=1  Task Go to Aviary create an account and complete at least two of the tutorials. Have fun:) Save and export your work, I will assess […]

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